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Consumers Research Online When Purchasing Locally

We live in the age of consumers making product decisions using the internet. Most of us realize this truism and think about how more and more commerce is being conducted completely online, such as when people order books from a site like Amazon rather than going into a local bookstore. The truth though, is more complicated than this. Not only do customers buy products online, but they also research businesses that they plan to utilize in their local area online. That is why internet marketing small business on the internet is quickly becoming big business.

When a consumer wants to buy something, they typically turn straight to the internet today. In years prior, they might have opened a newspaper, or most likely, checked out the Yellow pages in order to find local businesses that provided the products or services that they were looking for. This isn’t the case anymore though. Now, even if a consumer does open the Yellow pages, they’re much more likely to be looking at an online version or using an app on their Smartphone to access the listings.

Because of this, businesses that want to thrive need to rethink how they’re approaching their marketing. When a customer needs the product or service you offer, you need them to become aware of your business. This doesn’t mean taking out a big add in the phone book anymore. Instead, it means implementing a variety of internet marketing small business tactics. One of these tactics is having a great website that is optimized for local SEO. This means that when someone searches for a business in your industry, in your area, that your site will rank well in the results that are provided by the search engines.

Because customers aren’t just finding businesses online, but they’re also researching those businesses so they can decide which ones to buy from, you need to worry about more than just ranking well in the search engines. Having a great website is key, as this helps people to learn more about your company. Many customers make the decision to either make a purchase or visit the physical location of a small business based on a website.

You also need to get chatter happening on the internet about your business. If you can get talk happening on social networking sites or blogs about your business, these comments will likely show up when people are searching to research your products or services. In particular, if you can get your products reviewed in some fashion online, such as by a blogger or YouTube video publisher, then you’re really going to do a lot for how your company is perceived after people have been researching online.

Because we’re talking about the way people find local businesses, we also need to talk about mobile technology. People use their cell phones and the internet to find businesses all the time. You need to make sure that you’ve taken steps such as claiming and improving your Google local business listing so that when someone searches for businesses of your type through their iPhone (for example) that the right information comes up right away promoting your business to them.

Rich Reese is a consultant for an internet marketing small business company and has expert knowledge of selling online marketing.