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Corporate Video Production for Employee Orientation

Corporate video production for the purposes of employee orientation is a great idea. Corporate videos are a great way to introduce new employees to company policies, educate them through training, and welcome them to their new job. Working with a professional videographer ensures that you get the professional-looking results you want while making sure that your video will be taken seriously.

You may want to consider making more than one corporate video production for employee orientation. If your company or business has many different aspects, you may want to generate videos that are more job-specific. For example, you may want to have a different orientation video for sales than you do for accounting or creative fields. No matter how many orientation videos you choose to create, the first step is to consider the purpose of the video and the information you want to convey in it. Is it a step-by-step guide to performing a job? Is it more of a general discussion on policies? Decide on the tone and task of the video before creating your script.

While still gathering information for your script, you may want to ask current employees what kind of information helped them best when they were new to the company. Knowing the kind of information that is most beneficial is a great way to make your corporate video production as memorable and helpful as possible.

When it comes to creating your script, whether you choose to write it yourself or to hire a professional script writer, it is a wise choice to create an outline. An outline gives you a visual representation of how your corporate video production will flow while also giving you an easy to read list of your video’s components. Be sure the list flows logically. Try to avoid sudden changes in subject matter. For example, if discussing appropriate office behavior, try to avoid changing the subject to something along the lines of customer service training. Keeping everything streamlined makes the information easier to remember.

After the professional videographer delivers you a first cut of your corporate video production, be sure that not only you watch it, but also that you have other people in the company watch it as well. Doing this will guarantee the effectiveness of your video, which may need re-editing. Think of this step as a proofreading phase. After any necessary edits have been made and you have a fantastic final edit, you are ready to commence employee orientation through the use of a corporate video production.

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