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Corporate Video Production for Internal Communication

Corporate video production may not be the first method that comes to mind when you think of internal communication. You might think of the memorandum, or even an inter-office phone call, but you may be surprised at how effective a corporate video can be for internal communication, especially across different branches of the company. Whether this communication serves as a video training manual, an update on company policy, or even a video greeting card, sharing a corporate video within your company is an increasingly popular way of sending a message.

When planning your corporate video production for internal communication, consider the people who will be watching this video. This will help you create the most effective video for your purposes. While you want to keep the content of your video professional, adding a few personal touches will make the video more relatable and viewer-friendly.

If your corporate video production serves the purpose of fixing a problem within the company, be sure to address the problem before providing suggestions on how to repair it. If the issue lies with customer service, your video could include dramatizations of customer scenarios of all kinds, especially those that are the cause of the issue. If your problem is sales, provide an example of an ineffective sales approach before offering suggestions on how to find new local clientele and satisfy existing customers. Whatever the issue you address, don’t forget that a single solution might not be enough.

Not every corporate video production will be with the intent of addressing and fixing a problem within the company. An educational or training video may preempt some of those issues while continuing to develop the skills of your employees. If your video is for training, make it more than just another version of an employee handbook. Consider acting out dramatizations do demonstrate ideas. However, an interesting and informative script is your best friend for such a video.

Finally, if you intend on making a video greeting card, there are a few things to keep in mind. The shorter this type of video is, the better. If you are sending a holiday message, be sure to keep it nondenominational. Instead of “Merry Christmas,” go with “Happy Holidays.” That way, everyone can feel comfortable. You can also use a shorter form to congratulate a branch on a strong fiscal quarter, encourage higher performance if necessary, or announce a new item or promotion. Keeping in mind what you information you want to convey will help you maintain concise in your corporate video production.

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