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Corporate Video Production for Promotion

A corporate video production is a great tool to use for promoting your business, or even for raising awareness about a new product. You want to keep your name out there so current clients continue their business with you while you attract new clientele. While promotional items such as pens, T-shirts, and coffee mugs have been great in the past, creating a video is an effective new way to reach out to clients in the digital age.

If you are searching for a younger clientele to breathe new life into your business, creating an online or “viral” corporate video might be your ideal solution. With the increased prevalence of mobile internet on smart phones, reaching out to young people grows easier every day. If you have a good amount of traffic on your company’s website, you can promote special events through a video posted on your home page, or by using social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter.

If you choose an online-only format for your video, or you want to buy ad space for a television commercial, your corporate video production should follow some of the basic rules for creating a professional video. Figure out what you want to convey in your script. Try acting it out before finalizing it, just so you have an idea how everything will sound, and so that you can make any necessary edits before sending your script out to be produced.

When you work with a professional videographer, you can count on the pre, post, and production stages will all have a great deal of consideration put into them. Scouting for locations (whether real-world sites or a sound stage), hiring actors, and assembling equipment for shooting the video are all stages of pre-production of a corporate video production that you will not have to worry about under the guide of a professional videographer.

Be sure to watch the edited feed the videographer gives you before declaring it a final product. Look at your new video with a scrutinizing eye, watching for any mistake. You want perfection from your video, and that level of quality is a reasonable request for your investment. Once you have the final product, be sure to spread word on your video as fast and loudly as possible. Using a combination of YouTube and social media websites, finding viewers won’t be too hard for your new corporate video production.

Irwin Myers is the president of Video One Productions, a Chicago video production company that has helped businesses and individuals with their multimedia production, editing & duplication needs since 1987. Visit our website at Video One Productions and our blog at Video One Productions Blog