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Corporate Video Production Has to Look Professional

Corporate video production has to look professional! With the availability of advanced technology in cameras, editing, and in nearly every other aspect of video production, quality results are easier to achieve than ever before. Even computer-generated graphics and images look practically like the real thing. Regardless of the purpose of your corporate video, a high quality, professional-looking product is the best way to ensure your video is taken seriously while still conveying its message.

A good corporate video production begins with a solid, well-written script. If you do not feel comfortable writing your own script, there are lots of writers out there who specialize in corporate video script writing. If you hire a writer, be sure to communicate what you aim to achieve from your video so that these ideas will show up in the script. Remember: the rest of the video builds off of the script, so you want it to be as strong as possible to achieve professional results. Because of the editing process, you may want to include more information than is necessary, so that you give the editor lots of opportunities to make your video as strong as possible.

Many aspects of the pre-production stage of creating a corporate video can make or break the final look you want. Be sure to audition your actors before committing to them so that you know their delivery will feel appropriate. The cameras and equipment are also important to the quality of your video. While you probably shouldn’t expect a Hollywood caliber production, there are plenty of fantastic cameras (both film and digital) that will make for desired results.
While corporate video might be a task with which you have no experience, it is important to be involved in the process. Allow the editor to piece together the video in a way he or she sees fit. After all, they have the professional experience. When you see the first edit, try to view it objectively. You may even want to show the videos to others so that you have more opinions and input. If the scenes of your video are not in the order you anticipated, try thinking about how your video works in this format before having it rearranged in the next edit.

When you keep all of these things in mind all but guarantees the perfect professional corporate video production.

Irwin Myers is the president of Video One Productions, a Chicago video production company that has helped businesses and individuals with their multimedia production, editing & duplication needs since 1987. Visit our website at Video One Productions and our blog at Video One Productions Blog