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Courier Insurance for your Business Protection

The demand for faster and more efficient courier services has never been greater now that the exchange of goods has expanded to include the online business of buying and selling tangible goods. People have learned to appreciate the convenience of shopping for a variety of goods available online, right in the comforts of their home, and getting them delivered right to their doorstep. And because of the ever increasing demand for a prompt delivery service, small to medium size courier services have sprouted all over. That is why there is also a greater need for this growing segment in the industry to learn about the benefits of getting a courier insurance coverage.

The courier industry is a type of business that requires a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience before you can venture into this market, primarily because of the logistics. Most, if not all of the courier start-ups, are owned by people who have had previous training or exposure in this type of business.

If you are one of those interested to venture into the courier business, or you are working as an independent contractor to facilitate the deliveries, or you may have just established your own start-up courier business, one of the most important investments in order to mobilise your deliveries so that they get to their destination on time, is a motorised vehicle. The investment can be a delivery van, a motorcycle or a car. The nature of the business requires these vehicles to be out on the streets for practically the whole time during regular business hours or even earlier or later than the normal office hours. And because of this, it exposes the vehicle, its driver and passengers to the dangers of road hazards, and to the risks of incurring losses of goods transported due to accidents or even theft. Your business can be protected from all these risks if you cover your vehicle and the goods that you transport with courier insurance.

There is a regulatory requirement wherein all vehicles, whether for utility, private or business use, are required to have a vehicle insurance coverage as part of the government’s campaign for road safety. There is also an existing courier code wherein drivers and their vehicles are required to not only have insurance coverage, but they both have to be licensed and the vehicle has to be roadworthy.

The coverage that is most important for a courier business is the goods in transit insurance, which protects the courier from claims for goods that may have been lost or damaged while in transit. When the goods have not reached their destination and they have not been delivered in good order, you as the courier will be held liable for any claims of damage or losses. The coverage usually includes the public liability insurance if a customer takes a legal action against your company for the losses and damages.

You can compare insurance premiums online and it is advisable to get your vehicle insurance coverage and courier insurance from the same insurance provider for convenience and for practical reasons as well, and your insurance company may be able to provide you with bigger discounts and more inclusions.

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