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Create a 1 page Micro Site or a 12 page Theme Based Minisite

Does this minisite thing confuse you ?

Create a 1 page minisite or a huge 12 page content site ?

What to do and more importantly how to do it ?

Before getting started you need to know the basics…

1. Micro site is a 1 page minisite that targets on selling a single product.

It focuses on either getting a sale or diverting the visitor to the affiliate sales page.

2. On the other hand, a theme based minisite is around 3 to 12 page site that targets a particular theme in a niche.

It tightly focuses on one segment of a theme.

Theme based minisite can help you get hoards of traffic from search engines if you…

1. Create quality theme based content.
2. Optimize your site well with niche keywords.
3. Increase your link popularity by writing articles.

It contains tons of links that targets different topics of a theme.

For example, a theme based minisite that focuses on ‘minisite creation’ theme might contain articles such as…

1. How to design minisites ?
2. How to write killer copy for your minisites ?
3. How to design graphics for your minisites ?
4. How to promote your minisites ?
5. How to create affiliate minisites that presells visitors ?
6. How to create 1 page minisites to sell your products ?
7. How to create a lead capturing minisite ?

Whereas a micro site may only focus on selling a minisite creation package or divert a visitor to an affiliate program that sells minisite design software.

Creating a theme based minisite with keywords stuffed in title, meta tags, headlines, top and bottom portion of minisite, alt tag of images, domain name, links, etc can get good search engine rankings.

Where as it is difficult for a micro site to get ranked well on search engines as it lacks content.

A theme based minisite also helps in establishing credibility due to its valuable content on a specific niche segment.

Whereas it is difficult to build trust and credibility instantly using a micro site if at all you’re not an established expert in your niche.

You can use testimonials and valuable content on your micro site to gain your visitors trust and then load them with benefit laden copy. This will surely help you to close more sales using a micro site.

Whatever approach you take, make sure you do your research, to enjoy unlimited profits in future.

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