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Creating a Front Yard Walkway

Creating a walk way usually is going to be fairly simple, that is if you have a completely flat yard. Most people do not have flat yards, and you are probably not a minority.

The first thing you have to do is plan where your walkway is going to go. Usually there is a sidewalk that goes from the front door to the drive way.

Best thing to do would be continue that walkway straight down to the side walk. Though some of you are going to want some fancy curvy walkways, there is nothing wrong with this.

Fancy tricks in your walkway are just going to be a little harder to install. Once you have the plans of what you are planning on doing drawn out on paper it is time to start excavating the yard.

Cut into your grass or your dirt, creating a trench this is where your path way will go. You can fill it with gravel, different sorts of dirt, sand whatever you want.

The common choice is cement and for this you are going to need a few more things. Make sure the path way you cleared is clean and pack the soil underneath tightly.

You do not want your cement to sink into the soil and make any mud or anything like that. For cement you are going to have to build borders to contain your cement and to create the correct shape.

Using two by fours is going to be the most convenient and cheapest way to build a template for your cement walkway. To prevent any kind of messes it would convenient to place plastic on the inside of the template, thus preventing any kind of cement stickiness.

So it is relatively simple, and it is going to be virtually the same with slopes, the only thing you will have to change and take into account is the slope. Take a straight edge from your walk way, and hang it above the side walk in front.

Now measure the distance from the straight edge to the ground below; this will give the distance of the slope and tell you how many steps you need. If you have a very long yard with a very small slope, platforms would be ideal.

Just dig out perfect squares like you would for a plane cement walkway, just instead figure it into sections and lower each section a little until the bottom is level with the side walk. Platform walk ways are the most appealing and there are a lot of neat design tricks you can do with them too.

For example you can of center each platform and outline them in brick. Although a lot of you won’t want to go for the pseudo-contemporary look.

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