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Creating Email Newsletters the Right Way

Email newsletters are marketing tools that are cost-efficient. These newsletters are designed to address different segments or groups of customers. Online marketers may find it easy to create efficient and sustainable newsletters provided they are able to develop a suitable email marketing strategy.

Some of the most common and efficient tips for creating email newsletters include the following:

1. Finding and integrating appropriate content – Online marketers should ensure that the content of their newsletters are valuable and appropriate in order to stimulate the interest of their customers or recipients. In contrast, newsletters would not be opened if online marketers do not have the consent of their recipients. More often than not , recipients who receive emails from unknown contacts consider the emails as spam. Therefore, online marketers should ask for the permission of recipients prior to sending newsletters.

2. Gauging and tracking results – One of the most prominent advantages of newsletters or emails is that they are easy gauge and track. This means that online marketers are provided with the benefit of tracking any changes that may occur in relation to open rates, click-thru rates, bounces, and deliverability rates among others. Online marketers should make sure that they integrate the results from gauging as well as tracking emails with their primary goals for sending newsletters.

3. Appropriate design of preview pane – Most recipients of email newsletters view or read their messages based on a preview pane configuration. Regardless of the type of configuration, the most important part of the preview pane is the top left corner. Consequently, the top left corner should be able to identify the company by using logos or other forms of identifiers. Online marketers should also take note that many recipients prefer using mobile phones when checking newsletters.

4. Defining goals clearly – More often than not, online marketers want to extend the reach of their brand or increase customer satisfaction; conversely, they should define their goals precisely. Furthermore, online marketers should be able to identify whether their target market belongs to existing or potential customers. This would enable online marketers to prioritize their primary goals and target market for their newsletters. Accordingly , online marketers would be able to establish efficient email newsletters. They only have to make sure that their goals for the implementation of their email marketing campaign are clear to both their customers and the company.

5. Using text instead of images – In many instances, online marketers who utilize email marketing as a tool for communicating with their customers make use of images instead of texts in their newsletters. Those online marketers have a common notion that images are more appealing to their customers. In contrast, most customers prefer to obtain information through reading rather than viewing images. This is because they want to have a precise understanding of the information provided to them rather than viewing undefined images.

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