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Custom Printed ID Badges Online for Small Business and Other Organizations

If you are looking for custom printed Photo ID Badges for your business or organization, let Specialist ID centralize and help manage your ID Card program. The benefits of outsourcing your ID card program may likely out-weigh the costs of investing in and staffing and an in-house system. If you would like to discuss the two options, please call us at 1-800-380-6726.

There are quite a few benefits to utilizing our ID Card Service online. First, purchasing your own ID Card System can be expensive and not justifiable for smaller organizations. Secondly, many organizations nowadays are spread out with many employees rarely actually stepping foot in the main office. This can be especially true for contractors and other personnel that may greatly benefit form an ID Card to clearly show their affiliation with your organization. Our online ID Card program is streamlined and efficient, saving you time and money without sacrificing security nor professionalism.

To get started ordering your custom ID Badges online just complete the following simple steps:

* Submit your ID Card Design to us Online with the following form: Online ID Card Design Form
* After your design is complete begin ordering you ID Cards with us: Order ID Badges Here

If you have in-house design capabilities, please note that we print our ID Cards on standard CR80 3.37″ X 2.125″ (Drivers License size and thickness) PVC Cards. This is the same technology used in most DMV’s. For best results when creating your design use 300DPI graphics and CMYK Color Mode.

Our ID Card service program is only offered to business and organizations; we do not print ID Cards for individuals. All organizations seeking production of ID Cards through our online service must be able to verify their existence and that the named person on the original order form has permission from the organization to create ID’s on the company’s behalf. To keep our ID Program secure and reputable, you may need to submit a Re-seller certificate, Tax exempt form, Voided check stub or other support materials. Your cooperation and understanding with this important security measure is greatly appreciated. Specialist ID does not print novelty, fake or any other unauthorized ID cards. If you are looking for this type of service please look elsewhere.

If you would like to speak to a professional about implementing an online centralized ID Card Program for you organization, please contact us!

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