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Customer Updates from a Courier Company

Many times when a courier company is making a delivery for a client, they won’t bother to contact them directly with status updates. Instead, they’ll rely on automated systems such as an online tracking interface to let the customer know what is happening with their delivery. However, there are certain types of courier companies that deal with extremely important goods, such as a medical courier, who may need to take a more active approach in keeping their customers in the loop.

There are certainly companies that do need to know where their goods are every step of the journey. When you’re relying on a courier to deliver medical material for you, you are in effect relying on them to help in treating people who are ill, or even dying. Knowing that those materials are safe and knowing exactly when they are going to arrive at their destination helps health care providers to make the decisions that they need to make.

Another time that a courier company will contact you directly about the status of your shipment is if something has happened which is going to greatly delay your shipment. They know that there are usually actions that need to be taken by a company when something has happened to delay their shipment, so they will contact you as soon as they realize that such a delay has taken place so that you can do whatever needs doing.

There are other times when a courier company will updates their customers directly with the status of their shipment, such as when the order has been completed. Most courier companies have an option for some sort of proof of delivery to be administered. Often, this is an instantly electronically sent form which will inform you of the fact that your delivery has been completed, sometimes including an electronic signature capture.

Most other non essential status updates are only going to be provided through the online systems you have available to you for tracking and monitoring your packages. However, these systems should not be underestimated. Now that most courier companies have GPS tracking of some kind in place, these online tracking systems can actually provide you with very up to date and relevant information about the status of your package. If you want to know what’s happening during every step of your packages delivery, use the online tracking systems you have available to you.

Earl Cavell is a consultant for local medical courier and courier service in Miami companies as well as international courier service businesses.