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Design Tips That Will Help You Create a Cozy and Elegant Living Room

Giving your living room a comfortable yet high end feel may seem like an insurmountable challenge. The truth is, you can have a living room that is both inviting and luxurious. Achieving this coveted design style just takes some creative thinking and willingness to break out of your comfort zone and take a few decorating risks. Here are a few designs tips to help you create one of the most sought after living room designs.

Rule number one when creating a cozy yet expensive space; do not be afraid of color! White walls appear generic and boring. Adding color to the walls of a room will instantly give you a custom feel. You do not have to choose something drastic. If you are knew to color, stick with a slightly tinted white. If you want something warm and cozy, incorporating rich warm neutrals will help give your room an inviting yet still classy feel.

Window treatments are another area of your room’s design where you can apply your new found love of color and richness. Even if you have chosen a light color for the walls, adding darker warm toned drapes will help bring a cozy feeling to your space. Choosing a slightly metallic fabric or high end tapestry will bring a touch of elegance.

Creating a dramatic focal point is another good way to draw people into your room and give you the chance to add a custom luxurious element. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, give it an updated flashy look by adding sparkling glass tiles that flow all the way up the wall from the fire place. If you do not have a fireplace, you can create a dramatic showcase by designing custom built in shelving that can be used to display your art or other collections. Remember to add many different kinds of items to your shelves for a more dynamic and eclectic look.

Once you have designed the basic perimeter of your room, it will be time to bring in furniture to give you and your guests a place to sit and enjoy your space. You can approach this in a couple of different ways. A successful living room design has plenty of seating for everyone. You do not want to have to bring in uncomfortable folding chairs that will alter the flow of your room every time you have guests over. If you have a large enough space, consider investing in a large sectional. This type of seating offers plenty of rooms for guests and can usually be customized to fit the layout you are looking for. If you are dealing with a smaller space, sometimes it is a good idea to skip the couch and search for unique and inviting chairs. Arranging chairs around the room will create a space that invites conversation and that will always make a room feel cozy yet civilized.

Finally, using lighting to create the mood you want is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is a good idea to have several light sources in the room so that you have as much or as little light as the moment calls for. Lighting can also be decorative, a crystal chandelier adds a touch of elegance to any space, while a well-placed antique lamp can invite you to a cozy chair with a good book.

Written by Lawrence Reaves for – supplying Kirsch curtain rods and drapery hardware including: wood and wrought iron curtain rods, traverse rods, finials, rings and more.