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Desktop Communication Tool: An Overview

Sometimes, it is difficult to supervise people in an office, let alone find ways to communicate with them that would not disrupt their work. This is especially a problem in big companies or workplaces that employ many people and that have many work stations. Important announcements, latest news, or slight changes in company rules sometimes has to be done through meetings which take a lot of time. For companies that want to save on time and maximize their manpower, getting a desktop communication tool is a good idea. What is this tool and how will it help a company save time? Is it just a purely communication tool?

Simply put, a desktop communication tool is a software that a company can install in everyone’s computer. The software has many features that are very useful to everyone using it. One of the most prevalent features of the tool is a chat box or a chat window wherein people in the same or different departments can reach each other for queries and concerns. Bosses can also use the software to send an email blast or an announcement to everyone about something important.

The desktop communication tool technology has also come a long way, evidenced by some software that has interactive screen savers, news feeds that can be placed at the bottom of the screen, and even pop up quizzes for employees. Moreover, a desktop communication tool can be programmed to display reminders about certain tasks. All of those features are things that one cannot get with just using an email service. Sure, an email gets the message across, but it does not have the immediacy that is brought by the tool. It is also easy for employees to forget checking their emails or to miss the pop out email icon that usually accompanies a new email. All in all, the software will be a lot more useful to companies that want to cut on time or want to have easier communication among all employees.

To install and use a desktop communication tool, the management would not have to hire skilled technicians. Usually, all it involves is buying and downloading the software and following easy, step by step guides to install them. Once the installation is complete, there will be a short tutorial about the basic services and features of the tool. The average employee, even if he or she is not tech-savvy, will definitely find the tool easy to use. In fact, most of the software available in the market is designed to be user friendly. So, companies who have problems in communication, download the software from the Internet and they will see the difference that the tool will bring to their office.

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