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Diamond saw blades: a wise investment

When investing in a diamond saw blade, it’s important to select the right blade for the right saw and the right job. With so many diamond blades on the market today it can be mind-boggling trying to determine which type to choose from. However, a good fundamental understanding of what a diamond saw blade is and the main types that are available will help you make an educated decision when it comes to selecting the right diamond saw blade for you. Essentially, a diamond saw blade is an industrial tool that’s now widely used in the construction industry for cutting hard materials like stone, brick and concrete. They’re versatile tools used in many different job applications.

The three main types of diamond saw blades are masonry diamond blades, brick diamond blades and green concrete diamond blades. Masonry diamond blades are used for medium- to heavy-duty jobs. They can cut through concrete, marble, hard block, granite, pavers, roof tiles, field stones, brick and hard brick.

Brick diamond blades, on the other hand, are used on table saws or high-speed saws. They’re used to cut bricks, pavers, limestone, quarry stones, blocks and refractory bricks. When purchasing brick diamond saw blades it’s important to buy from only reliable, experienced manufacturers and distributors who can be counted on to provide a quality product.

Green concrete diamond blades are the safest and most convenient type of diamond blade. Construction firms use them to cut green concrete and asphalt on roadways. This type of blade is much safer than the other two since it is able to cut more easily through concrete.

Cheaper, non-diamond blades are also sold on the market for the same types of cutting jobs, so why should one choose a diamond blade in the first place? First of all, diamond saw blades are able to cut through concrete twice as fast as non-diamond abrasive blades. This makes for faster, more efficient and cleaner results, giving you the ability to do more jobs in less time, thereby earning more money.

Consider the amount you’d spend on the extra labor time needed to complete a job using a non-diamond abrasive blade and how frequently you’d need to replace such blades compared to diamond saw blades. Investing in diamond saw blades is a wise choice, given that your initial investment will more than pay off over time. You’ll be able to satisfy more customers in less time and the enhanced quality of your work will lead to more customer referrals, guaranteeing you plenty of work in the future. So purchase your diamond blade from a trusted source, select the right blade for the jobs at hand and start growing your business!

Oliver Newton is the owner of Priority Plant, a leading supplier of diamond blades in the UK.