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Different Hosting for Different Websites

There are many different types of web hosting available and thousands of different types of websites out there. The type of hosting required often comes down to the type of website. Below are some examples of websites and the hosting needs they have.


The type of Business Hosting required for the websites of retailers largely depends on whether or not they offer online shopping to their customers. If they do not and it is purely an information site then the hosting does not have to be particularly complex. The website may just have information on what they sell and where they are located, or any upcoming sales.

Shops with online shopping facilities need much more advanced hosting solutions. The site will need up-to-date stock information, such as what is currently available. It may require automated systems that can tell when particular items are out of stock. The hosting must also be secure so they can take payments online.


Airline websites have become more and more advanced as far as the usability features are concerned. This mean that the type of hosting required now is much different to that of a few years ago. With most airlines it is now possible to book flights online. It is therefore crucial that it updates immediately, as users must be able to see what is still available. They also need up-to-date flight information, such as take-off and landing times, and whether a flight is delayed.

Many airlines now have check-in facilities, so passengers can check-in before they leave home rather than at the airport. The web hosting needs to be sufficient to cope with all of these features, hosting which is able to cope with large and often updated databases will be required.


As with retailers, the websites of hotels vary in terms of the capabilities of their websites, and therefore the hosting that will be needed. Some will only contain information on the hotel such as their rates and directions. Others may have online reservation capabilities so guest can book rooms through the site. The size of the hotel will also affect the size of the website and the hosting; the Ritz is going to have very different requirements to a small independently run hotel.


Government bodies can have very large sites, which will require the appropriate bandwidth. Depending on the type of website there may be times when it is extremely busy and there is a large increase in visitors. With government websites is might be very important that a site never go down, so reliable hosting could be a priority.


Recruitment websites need to be kept up-to-date as they have to make sure they are not advertising jobs that have already been taken. Many can take applications through the site so the hosting needs to allow this.


Websites advertising homes to buy and rent also need to be constantly kept up-to-date. When a property come onto the market it needs to be uploaded quicker and it must be removed once it is sold or rented out.


News is fast changing, and the latest news needs to be uploaded almost immediately. Hosting where this can be achieved will need to be purchased. News websites such as the BBC and CNN are very large sites and have millions of users, so the available bandwidth for these must be sufficient.


The majority of the time general information sites may be able to cope with basic hosting. Although it is dependent on each individual website, they may only be providing information for visitors to read. If it is a fairly static site then this is even more the case, as it will not need constantly updating.


The operations of a personal site are not that important when compared to a business site where the hosting can affect income. It may just be for family and friends. Therefore, even free hosting may be adequate.

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