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Digital Media Discussed by a Professional Videographer

Video production professionals realize that when it comes to filming a project in its production stage that there are plenty of options. One of the popular options used by Chicago videographer professionals is digital media. Think of how a digital camera or camcorder differs from a traditional camera or camcorder and the benefits of recording in digital media become clear. The time we live in now is often referred to as the digital age, and really, it only makes sense to use digital media.

Possibly the biggest advantage of digital media is that once it is recorded, the footage is instantly ready to be taken into post production on a computer. Digital media is much easier to edit and manipulate in comparison to previous formats, including analog. Having media already digitized saves a step in the process of digitizing and formatting standard definition or video on tape, so that it is editable.

Another great aspect of digital media is its ability to be replicated endlessly. Unlike past methods used to produce multiple copies of a video or other final project, digital media allows for the high standard of quality to remain on each and every copy. With digital media, nearly infinite replication is possible without any decrease in quality. This is a fantastic facet for digital media for more than just the obvious reasons. Not only can many copies be made, but should the need for more arise, the high quality of the first batch will remain high In other words, with digital, there is no signal degradation.

In recent years more and more digital cameras and camcorders of high quality have become increasingly affordable. Some might think that in comparison to more traditional methods that digital media must be inferior or “cheap”. This is definitely not the case. They are good. However, while many digital camcorders are widely available nationwide at electronics stores, they are not guaranteed to be professional quality. A Chicago videographer uses broadcast quality cameras to film digital media, and then uses professional editing equipment to create an artfully crafted final project. Any type of video for any purpose is improved with the easily used format of digital media.

The quality of digital media is comparable, if not better than most standard or traditional methods. Any professional videographer would only use media he or she can depend upon. While amateurs are now using digital camcorders to film videos for various purposes, professional videographers are able to artfully craft videos from digital media that meet today’s high standards. With the added benefits of easier manipulation and the possibility of infinite, high quality reproduction, digital media is a clear choice for today’s Chicago videographer.

Irwin Myers is the president of Video One Productions, a Chicago video production company that has helped businesses and individuals with their multimedia production, editing & duplication needs since 1987. Visit our website at Video One Productions and our blog at Video One Productions Blog