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Discussing Rent for your Cell Tower Lease

One of the most important aspects of a cell tower lease agreement to both land owners and cellular phone companies or cellular tower companies is how much rent is going to be paid for the use of the land in question and for how long that amount of money is going to be paid. There are dozens of factors that combine to determine how much money will exchange hands, so it is important that the land owner receives guidance from professional companies or attorneys who have experience in these dealings. While land owners want to maximize the profits they receive from a cell tower lease, they also want to minimize their obligations. While the cell phone company wants to build the tower on the owners land, they also want to minimize their costs.

Contacting professionals for an evaluation of your property if you are a land owner is critical. Although it does cost to have these professionals working for you, they can positively impact the way that a land owner profits from these cell tower lease agreements, and this includes more than just the amount of rent that is being paid. They can provide consultation about what bonus payments or services the land owners should ask for that most cell phone companies will indeed give freely. They can also help decipher all of the technical language that the companies use in the leases to make sure that the land owner really knows what he is getting into. They help the land owner know how everything in the lease applies to them.

Legal reviews are different, and these companies and their advice should never take the place of having a lease reviewed by an attorney before signing it. The companies can help advise land owners on how hard to negotiate the cell tower lease and when to back down so that they still get the tower on their property and not your neighbors property. The goal of these professional companies is to provide land owners with the necessary knowledge to negotiate a cell tower lease on even footing. They will help land owners in knowing what to ask for and to even out the tables so that negotiations are less one sided, giving land owners more of an even advantage.

Look for a company that provides you with a guarantee that if, at the end of the consultation with them, you dont move forward with the lease, they will only bill you for some fraction of their services. You may pay money up front but then be issued a partial refund if your cell tower lease does not go further than this point.

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