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DIY Vs Professional Removals – Which One Should You Choose?

Copyright (c) 2012 Robert Gray

Moving house can be an extremely expensive time in our lives and many people look to try and reduce the expense of moving house as much as possible. One way of doing this could be to opt not to use a professional removal company but instead to utilise the help of friends and family and carry out the house move on your own without the assistance of professionals. There are pros and cons to carrying out a ‘DIY’ house move as can be seen below.


* Save money : You may need to pay to hire a van (if you are unable to borrow one) but this cost will be only a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional removal company.

* Overall say in how things are packaged : It can help you to retain a sense of control over your move if you are responsible for the packing.

* In your own time : You can take time over it and start to plan your packing weeks or even months before the move is going to take place.


* Professionals experts : do the same job day in day out.

* Speed and efficiency : the professional will be able to package up the contents of your house within a matter of days with the result that you will spend a much shorter time living surrounded by boxes.

* Know what they are doing : you may worry about somebody unknown to you packaging up your precious belongings but the professional are skilled… and insured.

* One less thing to do : less stress for you and take what can be quite a daunting task out of your hands.

* Leaves you free to deal with other things such as notifying utility companies and dealing with the legalities of moving house.

You should weigh up your options and obtain different quotes. Most removal companies offer different services packages, for example you could hire them to do the packing and the removal of your belongings or you could do the packing yourself (most removal companies will loan you sturdy boxes) and just hire the removal company to transport your items from one property to another on the day of your move. If you are considering the ‘DIY’ option speak to your friends and family to establish who would be available on the day of the move and make sure they are fully aware of when they will be needed and what will be expected of them. Make sure that carrying out a ‘DIY move’ is a realistic possibility bearing in mind the resources you have to hand.

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