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Do I Have to Pay For Getting the Shipping Address Wrong?

If you make a mistake of any kind which is going to end up costing your Chicago courier service money, then unfortunately that cost is usually going to get passed back to you. This is certainly the case for most couriers when you make a mistake on a shipping address. This is a time consuming mistake which certainly costs money, which is why most courier companies do have a surcharge that they apply if you make an error when addressing your package.

There are a number of ways that this type of mistake can easily take place. For instance, all it takes is for someone at your company to hear something wrong when a customer places an order over the telephone to create a mistake. Additionally, if ordering online, a customer may make a typo. Alternatively, you might make a typo when entering information into your online system or while placing your order with the courier services online order system. Any of these situations and many more can create a package which is labeled incorrectly.

When this happens, the courier company is going to charge you a surcharge because it is surely going to cost them some time to sort out the problem that has been caused. Hopefully this mistake can get caught early, but sometimes this will cause a package to actually get delivered to the wrong address. More often than not it will get refused or the address will turn out to not exist, but in either case, your surcharge is going to help pay for the courier’s time and for the returning of the package back to your company.

The good news is that most courier companies have software that they use at their company which can actually help you to reduce these types of mistakes. The online software that most couriers make available to their customers is quite powerful, and something that is well worth exploring in depth. An online address book might seem like a simple thing, but that one tool alone can eliminate any mistakes which might be made in addressing shipments to anyone who is a repeat customer. Another very useful tool is something which is called address verification. This will check the address against a database to make sure that it is a valid US address before you actually place your order. That can catch a number of mistakes which might be caused by a typo quickly.

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