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Do You Know Real Meaning of Simple Home Decoration Design

If you want to decorate your new house with the simple design, you should firstly know some basic knowledge about this design.

Firstly, the simple design doesn’t mean you just place all the furniture or items at home simply. On the contrary, it must be the unique design and the ideas extension after careful consideration. The way of just placing furniture can’t be considered as the simple home decoration design. For example, you can place a red Chinese knotting at the bedside, which is more simple, but in fact, it is the unique design by the designers because it is not only beautiful, but also more practical.

Secondly, the simple design doesn’t mean the simple decoration, at the same time, it means the simple collocation among all the accessories. For example, if the space of room is not very large, it is not necessary to place too many furniture or large scale furniture at the room in order to show your generous. On the contrary, you just have to place some necessaries in daily life. What’s more, most of them should be small size, folding design and more functions. Imagine that the home is full of all kinds of furniture and there is no enough space for people to take activity.

Thirdly, the simple home decoration design should be based on the practical situation, and not to blindly follow the trend without considering other factors. In fact, the simple design reflects a consumption view in the modern times. It shows that people pay more attention on the quality of life, healthy life, fashionable life and the reasonable and scientific consumption view. In fact, too many decoration styles in the modern times are not necessary, what’s worse, sometimes they even bring the potential safety hazard. For example, in recent years, there are more and more leukemia cases, especially lots of children patients, according to the scientific research, it is closely related to the external environment such as the unreasonable and unscientific home decoration style. Therefore both simple design and simple consumption view are advocated.

Finally, I will introduce some basic elements of the simple style home decoration.

Metal lamp-chimney, glass lamp, high-purity color and simple lines furniture should be your first choice.

The metal is the product of an industrialized society and it is the useful way to reflect the simple design. Meanwhile, all kinds of metal lamps with different designs are the representative products of modern simple design. If you are interested in this style, why not take a try?

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