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Double Your Time, Double Your Success

Time is more important than money. Time measures the pace of your life. Money provides the means.

Effective people attain more money by mastering time.

The get more value out of time in any day. They use their time well. They have clear goals, plans, and actions. They out produce and out contribute and get paid handsomely. Over time, their compensation far exceeds effort, multiplying exponentially.

If you want to advance…if you desire success…you must master time.

Here’s how:

One: Delegate. Yes, assign tasks out to other people. Help them attain success by doing more. When you empower others in your team to do more and free up your own time to focus on key tasks-everyone wins.

It’s simple, isn’t it? Let someone else do the housework; repair what is broken; and run routine office tasks. Pay them well. In the meanwhile, maximize your freed up time by taking on more income-generating tasks.

Two: Plan. Clear goals, effective plans, and precise action. This is an irresistible formula for success. If initially, your goals are fuzzy, your plans exploratory, and your actions meander…you need to study and practice to bring your goals, plans, and actions into clarity, efficiency, and precision.

The tendency to simply leap into action will resolve certain issues but will soon run out of momentum. Once you put out fires, you have no idea how to build anything of sustained value.

The best way to deal with the future is to create it before you arrive. By mentally envisioning your future, by outlining ways to reach it, you move forward with a sense of focused power.

Goal-setting and planning are not a waste of time. Failing to do either is a waste of it. Take the time to sketch a guide that will steer you in the right direction. Take the time to map the road ahead. And take the time to explore different approaches.

Three: Be systematic.


Define your target.

Brainstorm ways to hit it.

Weigh the value of your various approaches. Then choose the one with the biggest benefits for the least risk. Your benefits should outweigh the cost. Choose only those plans with a high benefit, low cost ratio.

Estimate the time you need to hit the target. What is a reasonable deadline?

Create additional backup-plans.

Use obstacles along the way as feedback to refine your plans.

You can double the value of your time by delegating, planning, and systematically working out your plan. If you can master your time well, your productivity will double. Your income, however, will not grow arithmetically, but geometrically. It will grow exponentially. It will explode.

Saleem Rana is a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. For more information on how to get rid of your dreadful “time-wasting” habits and start doing things in an organized, efficient manner? visit