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Easy Guide to Choosing the Perfect Samsung Mobile Phone

From its humble beginning as a small trading company of forty employees in South Korea in 1938, Samsung, meaning ‘three stars’, has grown to be a multinational conglomerate giant whose revenue exceeds some countries total GDP. After Nokia, they are currently the world’s second largest producer by volume of mobile phones.

Samsung releases a variety of mobiles each year – a vast product range and competitive pricing due to heavy weight financial backing have contributed significantly to their popularity. Other reasons for their success are strong investment in cutting edge technology such as LCD display and an appealing design – their compact sliding mobile phones for example have almost become a signature.

The following guide outlines some of their most current and popular mobile phone offerings, to help you choose the model that will suit you best.

Samsung Galaxy S

This is the latest offering by Samsung, and has Google phone enthusiasts suitably impressed. It uses the latest in Android smartphone technology combined with cutting edge hardware. Design wise, they are ultra sleek (under a centimetre in thickness), although the fussiest of users might complain they look very much like an iPhone 3. Visually, the Galaxy S gives you a rich, vivid viewing experience that is just as exciting as the iPhone 4. The display screen is one of the largest yet released on the marketplace and uses an advanced Super AMOLED panel which is a pricier technology than LCD and produces extremely crisp and rich colours along with faster response. In terms of functionality, customers report a relatively seamless use of the applications. Its features include a five megapixel camera which supports 720p HD videos, TV-out support and up to 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD slot. All in all, this Samsung mobile phone is one of the most powerful multimedia smartphones yet unveiled on the mobile marketplace.

Samsung Wave

This is the first mobile phone to use Samsung’s Bada OS operating system, which affords user-friendly multi-tasking when interacting with the applications. The hardware they’ve packed into the Wave phone will impress, such as the 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, 1GHz Hummingbird processor that delivers super fast response to key presses, video camera that records in both slow motion and high definition, plus music player with 5.1 surround sound. It also has an inbuilt GPS receiver which interfaces with Samsung’s custom made mapping system.

Samsung Giorgio Armani

A phone for the fashion hungry, this mobile not only carries the name of one of the hottest clothing brands, but has the ultra compact and sexy design to match. It’s an ideal phone to slip into a stylish bag or pocket, since it weighs just 85g (a huge difference compared to the whopping 135g weight of the Apple iPhone range). The finish is a combination of aluminium and steel, which adds to its beauty and style. It even comes with a tailored leather pouch to protect the screen from scratching. While the phone uses touchscreen technology, if you’re a heavy application user this model might prove a little tricky as the screen is rather small. The features include a 3 megapixel camera complete with flash and zoom function, an internal memory of 60 Mbytes which is sufficient to store approximately 15 music tracks (you can expand this using an external memory card), Internet and emailing ability. All in all, this mobile is built for sheer style and normal usage rather than advanced functionality.

The above guide gives you the low down on three of the most popular Samsung mobile phones to date. As with shopping around for most items of importance, the choice you make depends on both comparing different models to find the best deal as well as having a careful think about your particular needs.

Peter Williams is a communications consultant and retailer of Samsung mobile phones