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EBook of the Living & Thinking for the 25th Century

Have you heard that the end is near? Some think in 2012 a magnetic pole shift is possible with the near extinction of the earth wide human population by a super Tsunami ocean wave that would wash over the majority of all populated land areas. Adding further impetus to the projected fatal outcomes are the ever increasing fears of violent crimes, nuclear war, weather wars, biological war, global pandemics and food shortages with crop destruction and the ever genetic engineering of plants and animals.

Has the human race really come to the finish line? Is there anything you personally can do to change magnetic reversal, global warming or any of other possible mass destruction events like an asteroid strike, or Yellowstone volcano caldera explosion?

Certainly if you look at the magnitude of problems and potential problems that face the earth things look grim. For years mankind has pursued a course of self destruction by proliferation of nuclear weapons, destruction of global forests, over fishing, development of biological weapons of mass destruction. These events and products and processes have often been heralded as a means to save humanity but are they even anywhere remotely believable?

Physically changing the course of our solar system, a fatal asteroid strike or a super volcanic eruption may be impossible with our current level of technology but that does mean all is hopeless and futile? Not at all!

For millennia human awareness has known and understood that there is more to your environment than modern science would like you to believe. Just a short relationship with meditation or learning about the potential of the human mind will reveal that a vast untapped field of energy potential lies outside the physically known and seen material world or universe. This field of energy and information holds a vast untapped potential for change. That change not only holds the potential to alter global and galactic events that might destroy our earth or even our solar system. It also holds the promise for enlightenment and human growth.

A vast array of diverse individuals throughout the earth have for a number of decades taken notice of the grave events forming on the future horizon. They have engaged in a diligent search for a survival solution.

Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden are only two such individuals who have led a diligent search and examination of possibilities and probabilities for better outcomes and results. Their findings have revealed the very real possibility that you have the ability and capability with the assistance of others to change things that in the past seemed impossible. What they have learned is your beliefs and feelings have a tremendous affect on your environment.

Recently research, into the placebo effect, points out and suggests that up to 30 percent of all healings of disease processes are the result of the placebo effect or your belief system. So what does this all mean? It means that even if future events may appear impossible to change or alter that could quite likely not be true!

What is vital to definitely do now?

You will find hope and comfort in increasing your awareness, love, joy, peace and gratitude of life. The more that you become aware of your true belief system the more you will become aware of the immense potential of your mind, intuition, emotions, feelings and intention.

Begin today and step outside your comfort zone and begin to expand. Expand your love, joy, peace, potential, intention, health and happiness.

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole when the synergy of love becomes active.

Steven Shaw is a healer, registered nurse, mentor, entrepreneur and internet network marketing professional. Steven encourages everyone to achieve their dreams & goals for Life, Love, Health & Wealth! Go to More About Steven
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