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Effect of SMS Marketing and Advertisements

SMS marketing has dramatically increased ever since it was discovered. Mobile phones are becoming useful and useful to product promoters and marketers.

Businesses using this kind of marketing strategy have the chance to succeed in selling their products than using the traditional way of advertising.

This past few years SMS is a good form of legitimate advertising medium that is being used worldwide and advertisements in the internet doesn’t have enough scope in reaching more consumers.

The Internet has certain limitations in posting ads for public viewing. There are guidelines and practices for the mobile media industry that needs to be followed accordingly for security purposes and same with the mobile networks.

These guidelines are made for the protection of the consumer and advertising promoters. It is a system to strain explicit contents and unwanted spam messages. But these guidelines are still an issue in some parts of the world due to lack of laws that can support this kind of media.

Marketing through SMS as a mean of advertisement is expanding rapidly especially in Europe and Asia. SMS marketing was previously labeled as a negative form of media because it is unsolicited and cannot be tracked easily.

Because of these guidelines, advertisers partnered with mobile operators so they can easily promote their products through SMS and this kind of method is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In Europe millions of advertising SMS are sent out every month.

Because of these technological advancements short message service can be sent to your email address and vice versa. Advertisers can reach people in their homes, work and even if they are on vacation without any problem.

Mobile operators use short code numbers that are assigned in a given country or place for brand campaign usage and other services for consumer. Through this, operators can make sure that they send the original form of advertisement that their employer wants them to send.

Sometimes long numbers are being used to promote other products so that companies or businesses can use their own numbers in promoting their own product through SMS. Some large companies don’t want to share numbers with other company that’s why long numbers were given to them than short codes.

Mobile marketing is different from any other form of advertisement that promotes products because of its marketing communication that informs the customer first through short message service so that they are well informed first before the product is advertised.

This form of marketing strategy sets the user to control any incoming advertisements.

Because of the demand that the consumer must control short message service advertisements that enters their phone, mobile messaging infrastructure providers developed architectures and applications to service operators so that users will have their freedom whether to they choose to accept incoming advertisements or not.

The freedom of the consumer to accept or reject is one of the main priorities of network operators so that they can retain their costumer’s loyalty through giving them what they want.

SMS marketing slowly rises among any other advertisements. More and more products are being sold with the help of this media. This kind of marketing strategy is useful in promoting products to customers because of its way in reaching them and more companies are using sms advertising for its remarkable output and feedbacks.

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