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Enhancing The Ambiance Of Your Home Or Office With Air Conditioning

Air conditioners may seem like a costly investment on the surface, but they can be a useful addition to any home. This holds true especially in areas located in tropical or arid climates where natural ventilation may be inconsistent or inadequate. Air conditioning of any kind can vastly improve your thermal comfort, be it in a room, office or even your car. Selecting the right air conditioning unit or system is important in ensuring that your investment will serve you well in the long run.

Today, there are different kinds of air conditioning systems available to suit every environment. When selecting a unit for your home or workplace, one must carefully consider a range of crucial factors. These can include a unit’s price, type, size, durability, electricity consumption, and even overall effect on air quality.

The major types of air conditioners available today include the window air conditioner, the split air conditioner, the evaporative air conditioner, the central air conditioning system, and the portable air conditioner. The window air conditioner is one of the most widely-used air conditioning models on the market today. All of its main components are contained in a single rectangular unit to be affixed to a room, whether via placement in a window or through a hole in the wall.

The portable air conditioner is also a common type. Often coming in single- or double-hosed variations, the portable air conditioner is ideal for cooling areas inhibitive of permanent installation, as is the case with window air conditioners and the like. It can sometimes take up as little space similar to an average vacuum cleaner or oscillating stand fan, making it a good fit for apartments and condos.

The evaporative air conditioner, known in some places as a desert or swamp cooler, uses a dry bulb thermometer to measure the heat in the surrounding air and wet cooler pads which link directly to a water source. In addition to air conditioning, this type can enhance a room’s moisture content. As a result, it produces a comfort level that makes it prevalent in places with very hot weather.

The split air conditioner houses its components in two separate units, and is capable of cooling two or more rooms at once. It has a quiet indoor unit which contains the cooling fan and evaporator, and an outdoor unit which holds the condenser, compressor and expansion valve. This type can be commonly seen at offices.

Finally, a central heating and air conditioning system uses a network of ducts or pipes to evenly distribute cooled air to several rooms within a single structure. Central air conditioning often uses a dehumidifier that makes it beneficial to people with asthma or other respiratory ailments. Similar to a split air conditioner, it also has an outdoor unit and is commonly used to cool office settings.

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