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Extraordinary Gifts from Ordinary People

Do you have a birthday or special occasion that you need to buy a gift for? If so, you should think of a purchasing that special someone a personalized gift. A gift that was created just for your loved one will not only show them how much you care but will also be a one of a kind creation made just for them! Personalized gifts can celebrate victories, accomplishments, life events, and even your love for a favorite sports team. A personalized Christmas, Graduation, retirement or a Birthday gift, send a strong message.. it says “I did not wait until the last minute to get you something, I thought about you and about this special day a long time ago, I researched until I found this perfect gift, just for you”.. now that is a message that will place your gift and the thought behind it above all other gifts, even the ones that were much more expensive.

Since a personalized gift is created specifically upon order, the gift can take into the recipient’s interests, talents, and hobbies. Some ideas for personalized gifts are engraved pens, coffee mugs, picture frames, and mirrors. All of these are unique ideas to tell someone how much they mean to you by showing them that you had an original gift created just for them.

Mirror Spirit products from Wheelhouse Marketing are patented, innovative and unique Personalized mirrors. Personalized mirrors are a fun way to create a unique gift for someone of any age. They usually include a name and a fun logo or picture that is chosen based on recipient’s age, interest, hobby etc. You can find this unique gift item at Mirror-Spirit web site. they offer choices based on sports teams and memorabilia, casino and gaming, and even flags. In addition these personalized mirrors offer an image, two lines of personalized text and are lit from behind to show the amazing colors both day and night.

A birthday could be celebrated by giving your brother a mirror with his name, favorite sport team and a line of text (for example, “Go team!”), while your poker shark nephew may want a cards, his name and his nickname of “”the moneymaker” embossed on his mirror. There are 20 images to choose from, three types of frames, and also the two lines of personalized text. These mirrors can be shipped safely and quickly to any destination in the world.

Another unique option for the personalized mirror is using your own company’s logo to create an award or commendation for an employee or client. Personalized gifts are a wonderful way to show someone that you know care about their individuality and wanted to give a truly original, one-of-a-kind gift. A personalized mirror, is a fun and unique way of showing how much you care.

Jake Marantz is the inventor of the Mirror-Spirit product. THe product can be seen at and