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Facebook Ad Power

Facebook is not about hard selling and aggressive marketing. You should try to contribute to the community, create relationship by sharing useful information, tips, links and videos; all this in a relaxed and casual conversation. Try to create a friendly environment where people can learn about your skills and expertise.

So a critical step is to set up properly your profile. Put pictures, links to your websites; describe who you are, what you do so people become interested in you. Then join tens of groups which are relevant to your niche. You will send/receive friend requests to/from the people in your groups. This will enable you to connect with like-minded people and find targeted followers/potential customers. In addition, these groups can be used as soft emailing list.

On Christmas Day Facebook became the most visited site in the US on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, according to Hitwise. This is the 1st time a site has surpassed Google as being the most visited site in a day. Such is the power of Facebook. A quick look at the statistics tells me that Facebook now has over 350 million active users and 50% log into Facebook on any given day.

With those sort of numbers, Facebook has become a powerful tool for marketers to harness. It provides one of the best low cost options for marketers. It excels at connecting friends and people with common interests together. The trouble is that many companies still don’t understand the power of Facebook and are reluctant to become involved.

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that businesses are now embracing as part of their advertising. It is a medium that cannot be ignored by business owners and is one that we all need to be aware of and know how to use.The question that I often hear people ask is “Why should I use Facebook for my business?” As an online business owner of a gift boxes and hampers business, I am always looking for new ways to promote my business. Facebook is a social networking media that is a powerful tool used to communicate with people of all ages.

Facebook is free to use unless you choose to pay for an advertisement. By regularly sharing on your Facebook page, you’ll end up with more people accessing your page, more subscribers (if they like what they see) and hopefully more paying customers. Facebook is a public site so you can link your Facebook page and your website, allowing easy access to both.

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