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Fall Yard Cleanup: 8 Shortcuts for Easy Care

Find out what is that you need to take into consideration once fall comes, so that your yard stays as fresh and properly maintained as possible.

Fall has finally arrived, which means only one thing – it’s about time you cleaned up your yard and took proper care of it! Here are eight shortcuts and tips on how to get everything under control, so keep on reading and get properly informed. Just check them out and enjoy!

Have perennials with different blooming seasons in mind when designing your garden


When it comes to designing your garden the right way, we must say that the key to success lies in planting for every season. This basically means that you should pick perennials rather than annuals, so that you can be sure that the plants you’ve chosen will come back throughout the year. So, you should go for your favorite evergreen perennials and mix them with gorgeous spring and summer flowers that will add a touch of color to your garden and keep it visually interesting, no matter the season!

Cover your lawn with a lot of grass…

On the other hand, when speaking of your lawn, we should say that you should definitely cover it with grass. This option isn’t really high-maintenance, and it’s particularly awesome as it’s a low-growing groundcover that will keep insects and weeds at bay. Besides grass, you can also opt for either clover or moss, as these don’t require too much mowing and will actually stay green, unlike most grass lawns.

… And be sure to overseed it later on


However, if the grass is still your go-to choice, you should certainly make sure to overseed it in fall in order to keep its maintenance to a minimum. All you have to do is to cut your grass down to around an inch high, rake up the clippings, spread out new grass seeds, and water it regularly. You can ever add fertilizer when the new grass germinates, which is essential if you want your lawn to look flawless in spring!

Opt for mulch beds and add them around plants and walkways

In case you didn’t know, mulch is actually organic and it adds nutrients to the soil once it breaks down, which is why mulch beds became so popular among the homeowners. Apart from looking stunning and visually interesting, a healthy layer of mulch will protect your plants’ vulnerable roots during the colder months, while getting rid of the harmful weeds. It certainly doesn’t get better than that!

Go for decorative rock beds to fill in tough areas

Decorative rock beds are completely opposite to the organic mulch ones, and these are particularly awesome if you want to have a maintenance-free garden that requires almost no effort at all. These beds are usually made from either crushed gravel or landscaping stones, and they are beyond perfect for people who have troubles growing grass – which can be problematic in the areas near the air-conditioning unit. If that’s the case with you, go for these and you won’t regret it!

Make sure to automate watering schedules

Automating watering schedules is of the utmost importance if you want to keep everything under control, so make sure to invest your money in a quality sprinkler setup that can be attached to your outdoor faucet. Splinters will help you attach your drip hoses, which are perfect for garden beds that require a different watering schedule. There are a lot of amazing manufacturers such as Hoselink that offer smart features like timers, so that you can properly automate your watering schedules according to your own gardening needs.

Grow local plants

Even though planting literally everything you want just because it looks nice seems quite logical, the truth is that you should definitely opt for native plants that are well-suited for your climate. Once you pick shrubs, trees, and flowers native to your area, you won’t have to use as much water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which will make your job much easier. Besides that, such plants are often much more affordable than specialty options, so consider planting them and you’ll experience an instant success!

Don’t forget to keep track of dates to stop pruning

Last but not least, you mustn’t forget to note in your calendar when to stop pruning, which is essential if you want to ensure that your plants grow and develop properly in the following year. This is particularly true for blooming shrubs that begin to form buds for the next year’s growth before going dormant for the winter, so resist your urge to trim your plants and wait until they start growing again in the spring.

As you can tell, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration once fall comes, so that your yard stays as fresh and properly maintained as possible. Just make sure to stick to our tips and shortcuts and you’ll make that happen, without a doubt!