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Family Camping Safety Measures You Should Stick To

Are you looking for a way to impress your friends and family with your outdoor skills? Maybe it’s just a quick break away from the city that you are craving? You can have it all with a camping trip out in the wilderness.

Camping is an excellent mechanism for learning a lot about yourself and life in general as you get to connect with your natural surroundings. To make it a safe trip for all involved however you must respect nature and behave responsibly and adhere to the guidelines when it comes to camping safety.

Picking A Campsite

Careful selection is very important when it comes to choosing where to lay down your tent. It is one of the most fundamental camping essentials. Rainwater and falling rocks can cause problems close to hills and steep cliff faces. Rivers can be especially problematic too if their level suddenly rises during the night when you’re asleep.

Avoid camping near termite mounds and other bugs . Take extra care to avoid areas where there are lots of berries on trees when you are camping in bear country because there is a high chance that bears will be close by.

Picking The Correct Clothing

It is absolutely critical to dress appropriately when in the outdoors, more so if you are high up above sea level. Temperatures can change very quickly even at the height of summer and you need to be ready for it with the best clothing.

Rain and wind can also cause sudden surprises and create problems for you so make sure you dress in layers. Layering enables you to take the outer garments off when you get too warm and replace them when it gets cold again. Lots of smaller layers is much more heat efficient than one or two thick layers.

You should also plan to invest in a good pair of hiking boots. Just being in these surroundings with rough and uneven ground underfoot will require some sturdy and reliable footwear. The last thing you want is to twist an ankle whilst you’re out in the middle of nowhere trying to enjoy yourself on a peaceful and relaxing break.

What To Do About Food

You should almost never keep food in your tent because bears are well known to be able to sniff it out! If you are worried about bears you should use a technique known as bear bagging. This means putting your food in a bag and hanging it around 10 feet off the ground by a rope on a branch.

Clean water should always be brought from home too as there are likely to be parasites in the wild no matter how clear the water appears.

Plants and Animals

Make sure your children know that they must not approach any wild animals. Even the small cuddly babies can be dangerous as their fully grown bear parents won’t be too far behind.

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