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FAQ about a Cell Tower Site

People who have been approached with the option to enter into a land contract with cell phone companies for a tower to be put up on their properties more than likely have a lot of questions that come to mind regarding a possible cell tower site. There are many clauses, key points and considerations that have to be taken into account when it comes to the details of one of these agreements, and you want to make sure that you get the most benefit as possible out of your side of the bargain. You will benefit most from having a liaison company helping you out with the negotiations, but you also want to be informed yourself so that you can make educated decisions when it comes to getting that guaranteed income every month. Here are some things you should know to be an informed negotiator when you are at the table with the cell phone company representatives.

If you are the one at the end of the negotiation table that owns the land in question, you will often be referred to as the land lord. You are going to be required to allow the cell phone company to have access to their tower at all times during the duration of the contract agreement. This is a normal requirement, and it is not out of the ordinary to request this since they may need to have access to the tower to make repairs if needed. However, you are going to want to make sure that you include a clause that states that the access that the company has is limited to that parcel that is the exact cell tower site only.

If you dont have a fence around your property already, you may be able to take advantage of another point with your contract. You should demand that the cell phone tower company secure their cell tower site with a fence, and you should also ask that they secure your entire property as well to prevent intrusions. This is not an atypical request for land owners to make. Land owners should also incorporate into the agreement that the wireless carrier must maintain insurance at all times and to maintain liability on the property. It is common to see in these agreements that the carrier names the land owner as an additional insured under all of the insurance policies that they enter into, and at the same token, the land owners need to inform their own personal insurance company that a cell tower site is going up on their property.

There are a few things you can do to increase the value of your land contract regarding your cell tower site. One of them is by requesting that the company pays a portion of the real estate taxes for your property. Also, it is standard for these types of companies to pay for some of the utilities that are used at the cell tower lease site, and this includes electricity.

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