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Fashion Designer Schools Will Prepare You for Your Career

A fashion designer is someone who creates clothing or accessories to be worn with the clothing. They have to know how to take a vision and make it a reality by sewing everything together. They know how to match colors and what fabrics to use. In this field of work you are predicting what you are seeing people wear in the future and designer it.

Before you actually start looking at different fashion designer schools you need to decide how long you want to go for. You could get an associate’s degree in just two years. If you want to go for four years then you could get a bachelor’s degree for this line of work. Keep in mind that employer’s want you to have one or the other before they will hire you. The longer you stay in school though the more you will learn about your choice of career and how to do the different things that are required.

A college needs to have a program that will offer a degree in arts and design. You will learn the basics at first such as how to sew the material together, how to make the pattern and cut it out, how to make your design on the computer. When working with the computer you can add the different colors easily so you can see if you are getting the look you thought you would. If you are not sure you want to design clothing then you could learn how to make shoes for all ages.

After you have the credits for the basic classes you can now move to a postsecondary institution for your schooling. There are only about 300 of these institutions that the National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits. When looking into getting accepted into one of these schools you will have to prove you have the skills. They will ask for you to submit a couple of sketches. They are going to look at your artistic ability and the sketches and it will help the school decide if they admit you in.

When you are admitted into any institution they will steer you in the right direction for any school funding that you will need. In some cases government grants will pay for your schooling. What the grants do not pay for you will then have to take loans to pay for the rest.

Even if you decide you are not going to sew your garments together you will still need to learn this skill. You are going to want to make sure who ever is doing the sewing for you are doing the task correctly.

A fashion designer is going to need to be strong in sales and presentation. Remember you are designing a garment and are going to sale the design to the fashion industry. If you cannot sale it to them then you will not make any money. You will learn more about this when you are doing your internship.

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