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Find What You Are Looking For With EDI System

The advancements in technology, and specifically the advent of the internet, has brought about many advantages in the manner communication, exchange of information and other activities are now being conducted and enabled online.

This is not to infer that electronic exchange of information was not happening before and everything was manual. Even earlier (and this goes back to 1850) exchange of business information used to take place using the telegraph. Progress in telecommunications then started to happen quite rapidly and companies were able to pass on business-related information to each other using the telephone line, after agreeing on a common proprietary format. The advantages were less manual errors, quicker transfer of required information, cost savings and overall better efficiencies.

However, this too had its limitations and a particular company could not deal with many companies simultaneously due to the variance of the proprietary format. This is where the introduction of the TDCC or standard format that could be used by all made a huge difference in the manner communication got exchanged and the electronic data interchange system started getting popular. The transition from private networks to the internet over time has also led to the evolution of open standards such as XML, Internet EDI and so on.

We now have a situation whereby investing in the right hardware and software, you can get an excellent system running and the good news is that there is software to suit the needs of a single PC as well as a complex mainframe configuration. This software now comes with excellent self-monitoring capabilities and also has features of generating automatic notifications as well as sounding emergency alerts. The hardware and software must be suitable enough to provide the speed and necessary integration to other protocol systems within a company and it is this appropriate combination that enables smooth interchange of electronic data without interruption on a 24×7 basis.

The advantages of an EDI system transcend mere savings in time or eliminating errors in typing. Spin-off benefits include total elimination of any data backlogs, faster order processing, and faster response times to customers in times of executing orders as well as providing feedback on queries. Departments like logistics, finance, and marketing can also function with cohesiveness given the fact that everybody is on the same page and there is no lag in the data or information being made available.

Good EDI systems enable companies to meet exacting customer demands and leads to better customer relationship management. It permits them to focus their energy and time on core competencies and how they can bring about improvements in their internal processes to deliver better products and services to their customers as well.

Yet another benefit is the better conformation to JIT processes. Companies have been able to save a lot of money on inventory costs and plan their business dealings with their customers as well as suppliers in a methodical manner using forecasting techniques.

You can thus not go wrong in implementing an EDI system in your organisation.

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