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Finding Affordable, Professional Storage Services in Edinburgh

Both professional organisations and private homes may sometimes need the services of a storage facility. Whenever you want to store items off site, a storage facility is the answer. You may choose to do this because you need the extra space but do not want to completely destroy particular items. Or, you may want some redundancy and have an extra area where valuables are stored outside the primary building. Perhaps you simply want to have a place to put items you rarely use, but do not want to throw away. There are many reasons to need storage in Edinburgh, but before you choose a site, you should know what to look for to choose a professional service.

Size, Location and Climate

The first thing you need to consider when choosing professional storage in Edinburgh is the size of the unit you want to rent. You should choose the smallest possible storage unit you can get by with for your needs. There is no need to waste money paying for extra space that will just sit there empty for extended periods of time. That being said though, you should anticipate your future needs as well. If you will continually add to the space, you may want to consider renting a unit that will accommodate your future needs, so you do not need to move into a larger unit later and deal with that hassle.

Location is also a consideration. Will you be travelling to and from the storage unit regularly? If so, you should choose a location that is most convenient to your work or home. You will save on petrol when going to and fro and you will not have extended drive times to deal with.

To climate control or not to climate control? Non-climate controlled units are significantly less expensive.

However, with that comes the possibility of ruining valuables due to extreme heat, cold or humidity. With a climate controlled unit this is not a concern. Choose based on your budget and the types of items you will store.


Security is always an issue when it comes to finding affordable, professional storage in Edinburgh. Most units you will find have some type of security. Minimal security may mean a gated area that you need to have the code in order to access. You will then also have a locked unit.

More sophisticated security may include security personnel on site. Choose the level of security that meets your needs. Remember the tighter the security, the more expensive the unit.


Especially in today’s tough economic times, affordability is of primary concern. This is so true that many will sacrifice other amenities in favour of a lower cost for rent. But, the good news is that storage in Edinburgh is a fairly competitive market and you can often find move in specials or rental reductions for signing an annual commitment. The key is to take your time and shop around to compare rates and amenities. Find the best possible combination of size, location, amenities, security and price, in order to get the best value for your money.

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