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Finding Inspiration Amidst The Rubble

On April 18, 1906, San Fransisco was struck by one of the most devastating earthquakes of all time. Two hundred and ninety six miles of the San Andreas fault were ruptured just before five-fifteen in the morning. Violent shaking lasted almost a minute, but surely felt like an eternity to those people caught within the radius of the shock zone. The ruptured fault slide horizontally up to twenty feet in about three to four seconds. The intensity of the earthquake, though somewhat debatable, is somewhere between a 7.7 and 8.3. Directly and indirectly, more than three thousand people died due to this devastating quake. Two hundred and twenty five thousand were left homeless, twenty eight thousand buildings were destroyed, and there was an estimated four hundred million dollar loss due to property damage.

This was a dark time, indeed, for the people in California, and for the citizens of the United States of America as a whole. One young real estate Sales Associate, Colbert Coldwell, wanted to do something to turn this awful situation around. He observed the hundreds of families trying to pick their lives up and piece them back together after this life-altering earthquake broke everything they had. He knew the business well enough to know that there were plenty of sneaky Sales Associates who would buy property at a low price from vulnerable sellers and then resell that property at a much higher value. Coldwell knew, however, that this was not what the people needed. They needed help and security.

Coldwell believed that honesty and integrity should not be so rare and hard to come by. His desire for those qualities in his own profession drove him to start his own company in 1906, the very same year as the terrible earthquake. This company was founded on the belief that the client was the most valuable player in the equation and their best interest was the more important thing to the company. Customer service and customer satisfaction became of greatest importance to his blooming company.

In 1914, Benjamin Arthur Banker joined Coldwell in his virtuous pursuits. Thus, Coldwell Banker became a leader exceptional service and customer satisfaction in the field of residential brokerage. From their humble beginnings, the company has expanded and spread to be a known and respected nation wide, from cities such as San Fransisco, to Salt Lake City, to Des Moines and beyond.

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