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Finding the Fastest NFO Times

NFO is a shipping option that is typically only used for shipping long distances. Air freight is always expensive; therefore it is usually used when the speed that only air can obtain is required to ship something out ASAP to a location far away. What most people don’t realize though, is that one Los Angeles courier company might be able to get you better NFO times than some of their competitors. Realizing this is an important part of making sure that your company is able to take advantage of the best possible NFO times.

Finding NFO times which are better than others is going to be easier when you’re in a larger city. This is for two reasons. First, larger cities have more courier companies, and the competition is going to force the best companies to come up with ways to offer better NFO times. Second, larger cities often have access to more than one airport, which plays a critical part in getting the best possible NFO shipping times.

When you are looking for the best NFO times, the first thing you want to do is find a courier company that does deal with all the available airports if there are more than one in your city. Different airports run flights on different schedules, but often to the same parts of the country. For example, in LA, LAX might have a flight leaving to New York at 5:00 PM, but Bob Hope might have one leaving earlier. Knowing these schedules and using all of them can allow a courier to provide you with faster NFO times than their competitors.

The next thing that you’re going to want to look for is the courier that can respond in the fastest time to an NFO request. The problem with many NFO couriers is that they take too long to get a vehicle out to make the pickup. This can result in a missed opportunity in terms of when a flight is leaving, which can greatly delay the shipment. A company that has many vehicles always ready to make pickups, and who has speed increasing technology in place like electronic driver dispatch, is going to be able to provide you with a better NFO time. If you have regular NFO shipments that you need to make to the same city, try placing orders with two separate couriers to test which one can get the delivery made in less time.

Harold Raynard is a consultant for local la courier businesses. As a consultant for la courier service businesses, he also consults national courier service companies.