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Finding The Inspiration To Make Money

Making money online for many involves creative writing. That might mean producing advertising copy, short stories, topical articles, or even news from exotic locations. But regardless of the genre, what do you do when faced with a lack of inspiration and the onset of the dreaded writer’s block?

Perhaps you have never experienced it, and if so then all well and good, but it is a very real problem for many people, and especially those who may be attempting to earn a living from the written word. And that in this day and age increasingly means content for the World Wide Web.

So with this in mind I thought I would try to come up with a list of creative solutions to the common problem of writer’s block. Here (not in any particular order) are my top ten:

1. Change the order – when stuck on a particular part such as an introduction; move on (to the first chapter for example) and come back to the bit you’re stuck on later.

2. Talk about it instead – rather than writing about your subject, try talking to a tape recorder and getting your ideas out that way. You can organise it into written words and paragraphs later on.

3. Change your audience – instead of writing for adult readers, change tack and write with children in mind or vice versa.

4. Do something easy first – start with a part of your project you know will be easy and enjoyable.

5. Go for a walk or have a cup of tea – taking a short break is often all that a busy mind needs to get organised.

6. Sit in the park with a pen and paper – It becomes routine to fire up your PC or Mac and get to work in your word processor, so try changing your scenery and your methods.

7. Write some random words – choose several words (from a dictionary perhaps) and then write whatever comes into your head about these words.

8. Take a break – This could mean resting for several days or even weeks. This is not always practical but some theories suggest it may sometimes be essential to refresh the creative juices.

9. Do some research – you can try this right now by going to your favourite search engine and typing in “writer’s block”.

10. Write about writer’s block – Hey, isn’t that what I’m doing?

In conclusion, if you find yourself searching for some money making inspiration then try working your way through some of the above ideas. They do work as I believe that this article proves ;o)

Tony Williams is the author of Stealth Income Secrets and maintains a regular blog about ways of making and saving money online at