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Forget 9 to 5; Become a Game Designer

If you are looking to pass up the standard nine to five job for the chance to become a game designer, you are not the only one. Many would love the opportunity to be the one to design and create the games that they love to play so much. However, the life of a game designer is not an all-fun, no-work fantasy that many might think it is, and in order to become a game designer, there is a lot of work involved. Nonetheless, if it is something that you would love to do, it can still be as enjoyable an experience as you hoped it would be.

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to become a game designer. Putting your name on a game which could potentially reach an audience of millions is an exhilarating dream come true for many; although, not every professional game designer finds this kind of success. Despite this, a lot of the perks that are often attributed to being a game designer are true. For example, most game designers are not required to show up for work until as late as 10am and can often leave whenever they choose, so long as it is after the core hours. Plus, there is also no dress code.

If these perks and the idea of making games for a living excites you, and you’ve made your decision to become a game designer, then you are well on your way. However, you might be wondering what your first steps toward achieving this dream should be, besides playing a lot of video games.

If you haven’t already, it is definitely a good idea to learn as much as you can about the trade. This might mean reading books on design, taking classes, or getting a degree in the field. There are many ways to learn the trade, but you must be committed to doing the best work you can. Employers will appreciate it.

In terms of landing a job, many game designers find that the best way to make it professionally is to start out at the bottom, as you would with most careers. This usually means applying for jobs as a sales representative, tech support, or secretary. It’s not as glamorous as the life of the designer, but it’s a necessary starting point.

Once you’ve gotten a job in the industry, try to meet as many people as possible. Start making friends with professional designers and ask them what your next steps should be. Always be friendly and open, but also honest. After all, if you do become a game designer, you’ll probably end up working with a lot of these same people.

In the end, the most important thing is to work hard and be committed. People will certainly take notice if you are sincere and show that you are a good worker and a likeable person. These are the best ways to demonstrate that you are worth hiring. With some dedication, you can soon be creating your own games just like you always dreamed.

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