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Fostering – A Complicated Task

Broken family relationships, physical ailments of parents, poverty and death of parents etc are reasons for many children to become dependent on care-taker families for their survival as well as growth. Small children when get seperated from their real parents undergo severe emotional turmoil and they can be brought back to their normal life by providing foster care. There are children who are driven out of their families or they come out of their homes due to fear, disappointment or hatred etc. For such children the foster parents can provide shelter, food and clothings for a temporary period and later under the initiative of the foster parents they can be reunited with their real parents. Those who voluntarily come forward as foster parents to other children must be prepared to provide safe accommodation and secured life to the children for few days or for few years. The children who are brought into foster families are able to shed their fear of insecurity and when they start to get the care and moral support of the carers they become hopeful of a secured and stable life.

The children who underwent a lot of sufferings and set backs during their childhood days undergo a transition when they are provided foster care. They start to grow physically as well as mentally, start developing their personality and set goals for them in their life. It is indeed a great service and the carers will be proud to see those brought up by them doing well in their life. Those who have enough support from their family members as well as friends can do much better in their roles as foster parents. Sometimes it may become strenuous as well as complicated and on such occasions support from others is quite necessary. Those who run such care centers must be in touch with other foster parents and by participation in the discussion forums and social functions arranged by various care centers provide them the opportunity to get acquainted to other foster parents and exchange their views and ideas.

Those who have their own family must obtain the consent of the family members prior to becoming carers. The partner and own children of the carer must be more than willing to share the home and facilities with those children who were brought into the family from outside. Adopting a child is quite different from being the carer of a child. Fostering is a temporary task. In case of adoption, adopted parents have legal responsibility of the child.

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