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Four Key Tips for Raising Money for Clever Kids

We don’t want our kids make the same mistakes as we did before. When it comes to money, we always afraid of them that form the bad habit of profligate. Because when we are young, we always be happy to own a sum of money, and always want to buy things that we eager for a long time without right direction, but money is spent out on unconsciously. We should set a right concept for our children. Maybe we should listen some financial expert’s suggestions: first you should let them know them what’s the function of money and the right ways to earn money. Second, you should let them know there is no free lunch in the world, no pain no gain. Thirdly, they should know that content is worth somewhat, and should learn how to spend money.

Here are also some tips for reference.

Give kids money to manage

In my house, we do this with an allowance. But take care: Sometimes, with the best intentions, we tell our kids they’ll get their cash on Sunday, then don’t have the correct change or put them off because we’re busy, incidentally teaching them that it’s OK not to pay your bills on time. Or we give our kids an allowance but continue to hand out cash when they ask for it, teaching them that there’s always more where that came from.

An allowance should come with a list of types of purchases that now become their responsibility. For younger children, it may be candy at the checkout counter or the latest Silly Bandz-type fad. For older kids, it could be movies or gifts for friends. As responsibilities grow, so should the allowance.

Talk about money

Many of us were taught that talking about money is taboo. Actually, kids will touch on them sooner or later, why still hide it? But it doesn’t mean to talk about how much you earn, it should include discussing the cost of things that daily expense, even more talk about the cost of dinner, holiday or education. They will surprised about that and will thrift or studying harder to earn more money in the future.

Strongly encourage them working

If they already pass 18 years, or already have ability to support him, you should encourage them to find a job. A popular saying goes: labor is glorious. When it’s earn money, a night of ice skating isn’t just half their allowance-it’s two hours of work. That’s an important different to appreciate.

Let them fail

Maybe you can try to don’t meet their requirements, buy the beautiful dress, you can tell him that if buy the tools, and then maybe we don’t have enough money to have a supper. They certainly very frustrated and make a big decision to buy by him or her in the future.

Children like adults need to learn and educated. Only be carefully considering how to make the most use of money. Parents should set a good example for kids and make the right decisions with it.

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