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Freelancing As An Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Freelancing is fast becoming the ultimate solution for people who want to work from home. A freelancer is a person who sells his or her services to employers without making a long term commitment to any of them. For example, a writer may write an article for a magazine which he sells for an agreed upon amount before the service is provided. There are many freelancing opportunities available online in many different categories. According to some of the most popular freelance jobs on the web and the hourly rates of pay are:

Web Designer $46.00/Hour, Graphic Designer $49.00/Hour,
Programmer $49.00/Hour, Writer $44.00/Hour,
Illustrator $41.00/Hour, Video $52.00/Hour, Project Manager $58.00/Hour, Software $73.00/Hour, 3D $48.00/Hour, Photographer $69.00/Hour.

As you can see there is an excellent opportunity to make a comfortable living from your own home, being your own boss and working the hours you want to work. If you’re interested in becoming a professional freelancer here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

1. In order to compete with other freelancers online and attract businesses to your work you have to set yourself apart from the competition. You can try to build your reputation as the freelancer who is willing to do what it takes to do a good job and to attract business. You can make your work look better than the others or you can compete on price or offer more for less.

2. You can set yourself apart by providing excellent service. Always be available to answer questions from your employers, provide discounts for repeat jobs, always be on schedule or ahead of time when completing jobs, always be polite and courteous and most importantly always insure your completed work is free of errors.

3. Ask your current customers for referrals. In order to survive as a freelancer you must maintain a steady flow of new and repeat business. Provide incentives to your clients such as discounts on future work, monetary rewards if a referral becomes a customer or other tangible bonuses.

4. Always maintain contact with past clients. Create a mailing list and send promotional offers on a regular basis. Try to create and maintain relationships with your customers. Send them greeting cards on special holidays and on birthdays. Building a strong rapport with your clients can lead to more business in the future and new paying customers through referrals.

5. Constantly promote yourself. Set up a website displaying a biography of who you are and what you can do. Your website content should contain examples of your past work and you can direct potential customers to your site to review your history and experience.

Self promotion is an excellent way to establish relationships with current customers and potential clients. This can also create a feeling of trust and a feeling for your website visitors that they know you. People are more likely to conduct business with someone they feel they know and trust rather than with strangers.

6. Request testimonials from your customers and display these testaments to your work on your website. Potential clients respect the opinion of others and these references go a long way toward encouraging other businesses to hire you as an employee.

Freelancing has become the home business industry’s leading provider of jobs with millions of people being employed from home globally. These suggestions should help you get established as a respected and trusted freelancer online.

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on Affiliate Marketing and creating successful Home Based Businesses online to apply his trade. If you want to get in touch with Bob or learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit:
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