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Fuel Efficient 150 CC Scooters

In the world of high gas prices there are ways for commuters and college students to maneuver around town without having to deal with paying for privilege of driving. Instead of paying a premium at the pump many people have discovered the joy of driving 150 cc scooters. Smaller than a motorcycle yet able to drive at freeway speeds of 65 mph, the powerful engine of a 150 cc scooter is enough to safely navigate traffic on any road. With only a small tank to fill the cost of running a scooter is far less than driving a car. Going about 200 miles on a tank of gas the 150 cc scooters are able to deliver efficient fuel economy and take their owner anywhere they want to go.

For college campuses the agility of the 150 cc scooters allows students to easily go from one class to class and park their ride just about anywhere. The machines are also very good modes of transportation for high school students that have earned their driver’s license. Although the 150 cc scooters are not as powerful as a motorcycle they do require a motorcycle license to operate them. Any motorized vehicle over 100 cc’s is classified as a motorcycle under the guidelines of law. For people that have the additional driving privilege on their license the ability to pass a test at the DMV is made easier by the 150 cc scooters that feature an automatic transmission and have no clutch or gears that need to be shifted manually.

For anyone that drives to work alone and wants to do their part to reduce emissions the addition of a 150 cc scooter to their garage makes it easy to lower carbon fuels that impact the environment. Additionally giving the rider a fun and enjoyable journey as they drive to work the versatility of the 150 cc scooters makes them perfect for riders of any age. While there are a few of the motorcycle class scooters around the city, there is nothing like the number of 150 cc scooters that are found all over Europe. For many people on the continent the use of a scooter is the only way to travel. Unless someone is planning a vacation or needs to carry a lot of supplies with them, having a 150 cc scooter just makes more sense than spending money on car payments and gas for one person to go to school of work every day. When a commute is less than 20 miles each way the fuel efficient 150 cc scooters make being on the road fun and arriving at work or to classes an enjoyable experience.

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