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Gardening At This Time Of Year Is Perfect For All Kinds Of Plants

Getting out into the garden is not a hard thing to do. There is so much to do in the garden and people can simply pick up a tool and go without having to think about anything else. Some people like to spend their days at this time of year pruning unnecessary branches that are sapping energy from the tree producing fruit. This is also true of plants like tomatoes which will continue to produce new shoots even when they need to be focussing their energy on the produce that people want from them. There is a hard balance that people need to hit with their fruit plants but most seem to master it.

This is the time of year that most people are excited about their plants because soon they will be able to harvest all of the fruit and veg they have been growing since January. Wild Strawberries will be producing a lot of fruit as well as new stalks in order to spread and produce more next year. Anyone with a one year old Rhubarb plant will need to wait until next year to harvest, as this always tastes best after it is had two years to fully grow first.

Anyone that has been growing Sweet Peas will find that their plants have loads of flowers on at the moment. However, if they have let one go to seed then they will get no more flowers as the plant will begin to produce as many seeds as possible before the weather turns cold. Blueberry trees will still be producing their fruit until the late autumn but now is the best time to begin eating the fruit, as later in the year it tends to get eaten by wasps in search of food as the flowers die down. Having a lavender plant in the garden will help to distract the bees and wasps from your fruit and provide a great smell all year round.

There is loads of produce that people can grow at home in their gardens. This is fantastic because it means that for a few months of the year you can be dependent on your garden for fruit and vegetables, and will not have to go and buy any. This is the reason that everyone puts so much effort into their garden every year, and if done well it can pay off and provide the whole family with months of nutritional meals.

If you are planning on growing lots of fruits and vegetables then it is worth thinking about where you will grow them in your garden. Some plants need different soils to others therefore these plants cannot be grown in the same plot together. What many people are finding useful is marking out plots in their garden and then growing different plants in these different plots which have been strategically placed. The advantage of this is that you can see where your fruits are and where your vegetables are. This also cuts down on the chances of the plants growing too close together and getting in the way of each other, which can lead to some plants being stunted or simply dying, as they cannot get enough light or water.

Families take the idea of marking out gardening plots and make it into something altogether more fun. A family garden is a garden that has had different plots marked out on it. Each of these plots belongs to a different family member and that family member is then responsible for looking after that section of the garden. Whatever each person wants to grow they can plant in their plot and then look after it, which can lead to some very interesting results when everyone has fully mature plants. The whole family will be able to tell if someone is not doing enough gardening because their patch will be bare or the plants could even be dying.

Whatever you do with your garden it is important to keep the future goals in sight. When growing fruit and vegetables you must keep reminding yourself of the food you will end up with when the plants are ripe to harvest. When pruning a tree after picking all the apples you need to be thinking about how best to get more apples from the tree next year and prune accordingly. All of this will help keep the monotony that can sometimes creep into gardening away, and give you something to look forward to in the future. Some people seem to think that their garden is only for summer, but there is a still lot to do throughout the autumn, winter and spring.

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