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Get More Web Traffic With Blogging: 5 Blogging Tips To Help You Attract Targeted Website Visitors

You’ve heard that blogs are great for traffic. And that’s true. But you do have to make the right moves to get the results you’re hoping for. Here are five of them.

In order to make your blog a traffic magnet, you need to get the following things right:

a) Post regularly

The more often you post on your blog, the more likely it is that it remains on the radar of the search engine spiders. And that means that once you make a new post, they’ll be right there to check it out.

In addition, regular posts, provided they’re good quality posts, will inspire people to subscribe to your RSS feed, which will let them know every time you’ve posted a new one.

b) Do keyword research

Next, you absolutely have to do your keyword research. It’s amazing how well blogs can rank for good keywords. Why not take advantage of that good keyword karma.

Simply go to Google’s keyword research tool and check which keywords related to your planned blog post are particularly popular. Once you’ve made a list, type them into the Google search box and find out what the competition is.

You want to aim for keywords (and keyword phrases!) that hit the perfect intersection between highly popular but not too competitive.

c) Use your keyword phrase – but don’t overdo it

Next, focus on using that keyword in your post. Use it in the title, in the first sentence of your post, in the last paragraph or sentence, and a couple of times throughout.

If you can work in a few titles with your keyword, and bold a few as well, so much the better. Also use at least one as an anchor test to a related piece of info on an authority site. This could even be an article of yours on that subject.

Those were the rules before the latest Google slap. Now, be sure to vary things a bit. Use closely related keywords, not the exact same ones.

d) Bookmark your post

Next, be sure to bookmark your post on various social bookmarking sites. If your blog is set up correctly, it should be pinged automatically. If not, be sure to ping it as well.

e) Build backlinks

Next, build a few anchor text backlinks. The easiest way to do that is by writing a few articles or creating a Squidoo lens or two about that topic and add backlinks to your blog post. If you already have a suitable Squidoo lens, just update it and add a link to your new blog post. And as I mentioned in the section about using keyword phrases – mix up those keywords, and also use a few simple URL links that point back to your website.

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