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Get to know your bank charges

It can be a challenge to fathom out the many bank charges that can be levied against your account. With some know-how however, you can learn to recognise the standard bank charges and those that should not be there. If you respond quickly you can reclaim bank charges that have been added to your account. One such charge is PPI or Payment Protection Insurance. You may not even question this charge but if you pay it and have never asked for it, it’s a bank charge that you can afford to lose. You can reclaim PPI that has been mis sold and other bank charges that are deemed to be unfair. This can make a huge difference to your bank balance as often unfair bank charges have a habit of spiralling out of control throwing you swiftly into debt. The ability to reclaim bank charges will not be publicised by your bank but there are companies out there that can guide you through the process so that you get the money back that is rightly yours.

As a first step get acquainted fully with your bank statement. You’d be surprised how many people simply skim over this documentation without truly looking at what they are being charged. Highlight the standard bank charges so that you recognise them. These will include overdraft fees, minimum balance fees and if correctly sold PPI premiums. Next look for those bank charges that can be reclaimed.

Look back over your past statements and highlight the fees that have been charged and speak to a reputable company to start the process of reclaiming. The bank have made the reclaim process as long winded and complicated as possible to deter customers from reclaiming. However a reclaim specialist can cut through all the red tape and help you achieve your goal. At Empire Claims we specialise in helping people reclaim bank charges.

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