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Google Video Capture

We are all familiar with YouTube—perhaps the most popular of all the video search engines currently on the market. YouTube, created to allow for the easy distribution of videos may have paved the way, but other sites are now firmly entrenched in the competition. Google’s service may very well offer YouTube their biggest competition. Google video capture allows users to quickly and easily capture videos offered by the service and to reuse them. Trying out a new video service like Google Video can be fun and rewarding and capturing the videos couldn’t be easier.

Google video is located on Google’s site. The service works much like the more well known YouTube service. Visitors are invited to search for videos by keyword, name or title. The videos quickly stream to the user’s computer, allowing them quick access to whatever they want to watch. Google video allows users to capture the video in several different ways.

* Embed: Every Google video has the option to ‘copy embed code.’ This option will allow users to quickly embed a particular video onto their own site. Quick and painless, this is a popular option for anyone with a website or blog.
* Social Media: Google video comes complete with links for all of the major social networks. By simply clicking the appropriate site button, like FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace, and adding a comment, the video is automatically captured and posted to the user’s account.

For those interested in a more permanent capture, it is possible to capture a video and save it to a hard drive. Several free software programs exist that are designed to do just that. Anyone interested in using a Google video capture program should keep several key factors in mind.

* The software should come from a reputable source. Like any downloadable program, be sure to pick capture software that is provided by a reputable programmer or company.
* While truly free packages are available, most of the Google video capture software currently on the market has limited functionality unless the user pays a fee or buys the complete program.
* Users should ensure that the program they select offers the ability to save Google videos in all of the most popular video formats. These include MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, and more.

Google video is quickly gaining in popularity. Because of the simple interface and the ability to easily share videos in a wide variety of ways, many users, especially those with Gmail accounts, are turning to Google video for all of their video needs.

Learning how to capture videos via Google video is simple and takes no time at all to master. Whether you are looking to repost a video on your website or in your blog or if you hope to save it to your hard drive for off line viewing, Google video capture is an easy skill to master. Proper software and a little bit of time is all it takes. In fact, you may find that you spend more of your time finding videos than it takes to capture them.

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