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Hanging Baskets.

Hanging baskets create a colourful addition to any garden. They are available in many sizes and shapes to contain not just flowers but some people create baskets that contain vegetables. Hanging baskets are created and filled with an array of beautiful flowers by garden centres. If you are a creative gardener yourself then you could buy empty hanging baskets and fill them yourself with the flowers of your choice.

If you don’t have any baskets saved from previous years and you are looking to purchase some then a great place to start looking for some is via the internet. If you go to an online search engine ant type in the words ‘ hanging basket’ and it will return a list of websites that sell hanging baskets and garden equipment. If you would prefer to purchase baskets from a supplier in your local area then just add you locality to the end of the search and it will then just return a list of local suppliers.

Many shops and businesses also have a display of hanging baskets outside their premises during the summer time that display colourful flowers. If you would like to see your hanging baskets before purchase then it is possible to visit a local garden centre or store where they sell hanging baskets. Take a look through your local newspapers and look out for advertisements from suppliers advertising hanging baskets for sale.

If you have any local garden allotments in your area you may find that some of the experienced gardeners offer for sale hanging baskets complete with flowers that they have grown themselves, they then sell the baskets on to provide funding for next seasons seeds. Creating a hanging basket yourself is also quite easy to do if you choose flowers of along the same colour scheme, or there are lots of books and instructional videos available to help you create a masterpiece of a hanging basket.

Some avid vegetable gardeners use hanging baskets to plant vegetables and tomatoes in, some may hang them inside a greenhouse or poly tunnel and others will be left outdoors to grow.

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Written by Adam Nicolson

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