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Hanging Baskets And Accessories

Hanging baskets are a great looking and convenient addition to any property. They can be used to brighten up the front garden or to bring even more life to the back garden. They are not only ideal for use in gardens where space is limited but as a means of breaking down the look of a brick wall or even the shed or garage. There are a number of options available to you when you buy hanging baskets to help ensure you enjoy the best possible quality from your new garden addition.

You can generally find a selection of sizes available in the baskets themselves. Consider where you will be placing the baskets and then choose accordingly to ensure that you get the most benefit. Choosing a basket that is too large will mean it will look awkward and may not stay on the bracket while one that is too small will become lost among the garden.

One of the biggest challenges facing the hanging basket owner is keeping them adequately watered. Self-watering baskets utilise a drainage system that takes water from a reservoir and feeds it to the plants as and when they require it. Even in the height of summer when plants and baskets are at their most vulnerable you can still provide all of your plants with the water levels that they require in order to survive.

In terms of brackets, you will need some way of fixing the hanging basket to the wall where it will be placed. The most popular and beneficial means of affixing a hanging basket to the outside of your home or other building is through the use of a hanging bracket. These brackets fix to the wall and the basket is then hung on the end. The basket can be easily removed for planting and replanting and the bracket fixed firmly in place.

You will also need a liner for your basket. This helps ensure that the earth and even the plants do not escape through the basket holes and by using the right liner you can also ensure that yours has decent drainage. Jute is a natural fibre that is ideal for use as hanging basket liner and has become a very popular choice with many gardeners.

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Written by Adam Nicolson

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