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Have You Considered A Home Energy Audit to Cure Your Home’s Energy Problems?

How sick is your house? Oh, you didn’t know? Of course a house can be sick.

Those pests and energy deficient conditions aren’t beneficial to your health, and they certainly aren’t any better for your home’s health! In the same way that you decide to visit a doctor for some advice regarding your health symptoms, there are also times that your home needs a visit from an in-house expert.

What’s your house’s condition? Well, what are the symptoms?

With all jokes aside, these are some serious questions that every homeowner needs to evaluate about their home. Sometimes we may not even realize a problem until we have the home checked-out.

Don’t put your Montana home’s value and durability at risk. If you think you could be saving more on your home energy bills, then consider these facts — and seek assistance from a certified energy audit professional.

Three major areas where you can save more on your monthly energy bills

1. Have you noticed any large cracks or felt any cool drafts, even with the windows are closed? Maybe you feel like air must be escaping somewhere because your home is never warm enough in the winter, and it’s certainly never cool enough in the summer. You’ve had your heater fixed, and your AC units are brand new. What’s the problem?

It sounds like your house is suffering from an air sealing problem. There could be numerous triggers for symptom such as this, the first being dirt-stained fiberglass insulation.

Your insulation would only be dirt-stained if air were escaping from your home, and thus being filtered on its way out! You can be sure that you’re bearing a hefty financial burden as all that air leaves with your money.

Another way you can tell if your home is leaking air is if you notice any gaping holes or cracks. In fact, they could be rather small, like what you’ll find around an electrical outlet. All homes have holes that most homeowners think are supposed to be there, and in a sense they are. Plumbers, electricians, and HVAC experts can’t help but leave them in the walls.

What a home energy expert will do is help to reseal all these areas so that your home no longer suffers from improperly sealed walls, joints, and other openings.

2. Speaking of fiberglass insulation, a second way that you could be saving money is by having the most efficient insulation installed into your home’s attic, basement, walls, and floors. Your energy audit professional will help show you which rooms need to be insulated and how – so don’t worry!

Did you know that there are different recommended amounts of insulation, depending on where you live? It’s true! Since there are different kinds of insulation, there are definitely ones that best suit your home, climate, and situation.

Your home energy audit professional can help investigate the best insulation for your situation. There are many kinds of insulation your energy expert can choose from, including: fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam.

Another aspect of insulation that is imperative to choosing the best kind for your particular home is its R-value per square inch. This is the measurement of the insulation’s heat resistance. So, you’ll have to trust that your energy expert can direct you to the most efficient insulation, with an suitable R-value that matches your needs and budget.

3. Though they should be, windows just aren’t known for their influence on energy efficiency. A home is sure to benefit from the energy efficiency that comes with properly sealed and newly replaced windows. In other words, the right windows can save the homeowner a lot of money!

However, even with new windows, a home can feel a bit drafty. Although the windows are new, there may be a sealing issue. Sometimes there’s a space between the window and the frame, which allows air to escape.

An energy expert will be able to properly evaluate and resolve any energy efficiency issues discovered regarding your windows.

If you’re looking for more than just some energy saving tips and you want a home energy audit in Missoula, then you’re in luck! For the best energy efficiency repairs, and energy conservation resources, be sure to contact Dr. Energy Saver in Missoula, Montana.