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Heating and Cooling Feel Great

The world around us is constantly changing, nothing is static. Temperatures go up. Temperatures go down. Hurricanes show up and disappear. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes reshape the landscape of the world. Now look at human behavior. Our greatest endeavors seem to be insulating ourselves from the environmental mood swings of the world. To avoid storms, we simply build structures and homes that are meant to withstand them. We attempt to engineer things that can flex around earthquakes. When temperatures drop, we turn on heating systems designed to neutralize the effects of even the most bitter winters. Summertime hits. Temperatures soar. We turn off the heat and hit the switch on the air conditioning unit. Mankind has virtually become sheltered from anything the world can throw out. We all now live in buildings that keep us at a perfect seventy two degrees Fahrenheit all year round. We live comfortably. It is completely understandable. It does not take me that long on a hot summer day to realize how grateful I am for air conditioning, Marietta. Have you ever wondered how air conditioning works? That magical air cooling device always responds so cooperatively to its on/off switch, but how does it do what it does? We hit a button and our homes and buildings start cooling, that is remarkable. Air conditioners work almost the same as typical refrigerators. So the question then would be, do you know how your refrigerator works?

Air conditioners do not just pump in cooler air. They thermally recycle the air already in the building, removing the warmer air, cooling it and then sending it back inside. The evaporation and condensing of Freon gas is what makes the cooling action all possible. Through a compressor Freon gas is sent through long skinny coiling pipes. When the gas is hot it needs to release the heat, this is the reason for the coiling pipe. More surface area with outside air is created by having the pipes wind back and forth. When the Freon gas is evaporated it cools the air going back into the home. There are many different applications of the Freon cooling system, many different types of air conditioners exist. Air conditioners do not only just cool things down. They are also useful for cleaning the air we breath and dehumidifying it.

Modern technologies are making it easier everyday to live comfortably. If you are not now enjoying great heating and cooling you may want to investigate its application in your life.

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