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History of Video Conferencing Solution

With the changing world of technology, video conference option has been used more often by companies than in past years. A few benefits of video conference is the fact that you can talk and see someone from a long distance including from one state or country to another.

Video conference was first introduced by AT&T in the 1970’s as a Picturephone. This technology was something that had been in the works for years but no one could figure out how to put it all together into one telephone system. The fad of video conferencing faded with the lack of a clearer image and the ability to make it better.

Then in the 1980’s the first system appeared as an ISDN network and then from there expanded throughout the world. One of the first video conferencing was sold by the Picture Corporation in November of 1984. Throughout the 1990s there were many changes that needed to take place on the technology end to make the picture clear as well as the sound to have better quality. The video conference systems went through many changes till the company was pleased with them and would feel confident in placing their name on this product. With all the changes that were made the cost was a great concern since it was an expensive system there had to be a much easier and cheaper way to make a system of this magnitude and that is what they were trying to achieve.

In the later 1990s the internet was becoming more popular so there were changes that need to take place once again although this time it would be a easier process.

In 1992 Tim Dorcey manufactured, CU-SeeMe and with the making of that the world of Video Conferencing would be changed forever. Just three years later the first public Video Conference between North America and Africa and who could forget at the Winter Olympics during the opening ceremony the playing of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that had the ability to be seen over five different continents, that was amazing.

Video conferencing has came a long way and is always looking for newer ways to improve.

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